Electrical Cable

We manufacture and import electrical wiring for lighting systems.

  • Cable colors available

    For a full list of cable colors available, we list as cable types with a full list of color swatches. Choose a color from the drop down to see that color.

    For 240 Volt cable manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 3191:2008
    Approval EESS-150127


    For 120 Volt cable UL listing: E189674 (Table of recognized style: AWM-1015)


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  • Can I cut the cord if I have ordered too much?

    The cord can be cut to your required length however we advise that a licensed electrician performs any electrical work.  When ordering your cable we recommend that you allow a little extra.  Cord can always be cut shorter but can not be joined together if too short.

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  • Two core or three core cable?

    At times you will need to decide if you require 3 core or 2 core cable. Basically cables are two cores ( active and neutral ) plus a third ( Earth/ground ) cable.

    Where the fitting you are wiring requires an earth then three core cable is required. Brass lampholders all require an earth. Bakelite and porcelain lampholders are not conductive and so do not require an earth.

    It may be that your light shade or cage make earthing mandatory. If in doubt you should consult an electrician.

    We supply SAA approved cables for use in Australia and New Zealand. CE approved cables for 240 Volt applications worldwide and UL Listed cables for use in North America.

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