Steel Conduit Fittings

This is a complete resource for our range of surface mount wiring solutions

  • Steel Conduit Fittings guide

    At Edison Light Globes we have been compiling a range of products and solutions so that you can design and specify out steel conduit systems for surface mounting all wall and ceiling pendant fittings. We have a range of examples and links to documents to assist and links to product available.

    Below is a complete list of the components that can be used to create a surface mounted solution.

    Item SKU Description
    1  20640  Federation Switch Nickel
     50087  Switch IP66 2 Way 20mm
     50103  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 1 Way With Rear Entry M20
     4  50113  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised M20
     5  50118  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 2 Way 90 Deg M20
     6  50124  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Y M20
     7  50127  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Tee M20
     8  50131  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 3 Way Y M20
     9  50135  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 4 Way Cross M20
     10  50138  Terminal Junction Box Galvanised 2 Way Through M20
    11  50141  Adjustable Conduit Joint 20mm
    12  50150  Inspection Bend M20
    13  50155  Inspection Plate Steel
    14  50157  Inspection Elbow M20
    15  50161  Inspection Plate Rubber Gasket
    16  50164  Inspection Cover With Front Outlet
    17  50167  Inspection Tee M20
    18  50194  Hook M20
    19  50194  Cord Grip M20
    20  50201  Bar Saddle With Spacer
    22 51445 Conduit M20 Custom Lengths
    23 52813 Coupler 20mm
    24 TBA Adaptor - Switch To Junction Box
    25 57040 Lampholder E27 (ES) With Shade Ring M20 Nickel
    26 TBA3 Goose Neck Medium 20mm


    This table shows our internal SKU number and below is an image that shows all parts in connection. Some SKU's are linked to product. All conduit fittings are listed online here.

    Conduit fittings

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  • Surface mount conduit fitting applications

    We have a wide range of pendant hardware and wall light hardware that will allow direct connection to galvanised steel junction boxes for surface installation.

    Below are a few examples id pendant styles. These are mostly pendants from bare bulb pendant range but all pendants that are mounted using our brass 66mm ceiling plate can attach this way.

    Surface mounting for wall lights is a very similar option making use of our 66mm wall mount plate.

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  • Steel conduit datasheets

    Here is the pdf datasheets for steel conduit systems. If you are required to design and specify a conduit system for a lighting solution in steel we have a range of products and custom pipe lengths available online. In order to get accurate drawings these sheets will assist.

    Full list assembly parts Conduit_Assembly_2.pdf

    Sample system assemblies Conduit Assemble Samples.pdf

    Dimensions for assembly Dimension assembly.pdf

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  • How can I install lighting on brick or stone walls?

    The use of exposed conduit has long been a mess of grey plastic. We now offer a solution with the option to choose steel conduit systems for an authentic vintage style. Use on exposed brick or stone walls and ceilings, or as an alternative on exposed timber.

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