Colour Temperature

  • How do I get a warm light with LED globes?

    Color temperature is a measure of the light bulb's color when illuminated, and is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The higher the number, the whiter and then bluer, the colour.

    LED technology has come a long way since first introduced.  Initially LED globes were known for having a very white light.  New developments have now enabled LED globes to replicate the same warmth as traditional and vintage incandescent globes. When a warm light is required look for colour temperature of 3000K or less.

    To match our range of Vintage filament style bulbs we have introduced an LED range with a 2200K color temperature. The newer LED's also have a filament length that mimics the wire filament design of Vintage bulbs and also provides a very close approximation of the full color spectrum.

    For each bulb in our catalog there is a downloadable test report for all parameters.

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