Quoting pricing and invoicing

  • Shipping Calculations

    We will ship to just about any location and our checkout system will quote for almost all cart items. The system may fail however if your cart has a large number of heavy items.

    Most of the time errors occur due to incomplete or inaccurate billing and/or shipping address details entered on the checkout page. Please ensure all details are correctly filled out including accurate postcodes.

    International customers will not be able to ship to a PO Box address due to security implications. Post codes/zip codes are required for all shipping locations for the calculations to work.

    By creating an online account prior to ordering you may avoid these errors at checkout.


    All orders and payment details will remain listed on the account page and will remain visible so long as you are logged in. The orders also contain tracking information for previous orders.

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  • Quotes for commercial tendering

    If you require a quote as part of your tender application to supply our product where it has been specified by a designer or architect, email support@edisonlightglobes.com.au and be sure to include the details we require. It may be we will be able to very quickly send a pdf for the job straight away.

    At times the specifications lack technical detail. It is important for us to work out the requirements technically so that items quoted will be correct for the job. If we require more information it will be up to you to liaise with the designer.

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  • How can I get a pro forma invoice or quote?

    We have made it easy to generate an invoice for quoting purposes without actually proceeding with the order.

    The easiest way for you to do this is to go directly to the web site, register for an account, (the My Account tab in the top menu will allow you to register.) Then decide which of the products best suites your needs. Make sure you are ordering the correct fitting type, E27 or B22 and the wattage required. Also bare in mind that there are quantity discounts automatically applied that will affect pricing.

    Once you have finalised your selection proceed to checkout and fill in the delivery details so the system can generate a shipping quote. Then choose Pro Forma Invoice/Quote and Place Order. This will generate an invoice so that we can then check stocks and email a pdf.

    If required you can generate your Purchase Order based on this quote. You may then log in to our site to make payment or arrange a Bank Transfer. We will not proceed with the order until funds have been transferred/paid in full. If you decide not to go ahead with the order we will simply delete it from our system. Quotes will be valid for 30 Days.

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